WOW! This rare Bridgestone XO-2, 55 cm, has developed a cult following over the years and with good reason. They are a highly versatile bikes, suitable for commuting, touring, or even the trails. The bike was produced in 1992 and was immediately controversial due to its quirky mustache handlebars. Many people replaced the handlebars, but this bike retains them, which adds to the value and rarity. Some people loved the handlebars, others hated them. But everyone respected the high quality of the build. 

These bikes were sold for $875 back in its day, a substantial sum of money back then. Today, they only come up for sale a few times per YEAR and with the bike being in demand, the price has not fallen all that much. The national average sales price for this bike is $644, however recent bikes in Bellingham have gone for $742! I will sacrifice this bike at almost $100 below market and sell it for $650. Here's the reference:

The purchase of this bike will purchase over 2200 meals for children in South Africa. can feed a child for less than 30 cents and they will receive 100% of the funds from the sale of this bike.

Check out this article that explains all about the bike:

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