It's Been a Busy Couple Weeks

BforH on tnc marquee

Things have certainly been very busy the last few weeks. I spent three Saturday’s at the Bainbridge Farmers Market with a BforH display, had a bike drive, and volunteered in that annual event on the island called the Rotary Auction. 

The Farmers Market is always a fun event. Quite a few people expressed a sincere interest in the project. One lady even brought me two really nice bikes while I was at the Market! Several others phoned me and asked me to pick up a bike, or two, or in one case four bikes that they had. The Market made for a nice transition to my bike drive.

The bike drive was held at the usual place, Bethany Lutheran Church. I am very grateful that they let me use their facilities. I received 30 bikes at the church and another 10 as a direct result of the bike drive, from people who couldn’t make it. While it was slow at times, it was also very fast paced at other times. A special thanks to Town & Country, the Bainbridge Review, Jeff Groman, Tom Weed, and, of course, Bethany Lutheran Church. Town & Country posted the event on the store marquee; The Review interviewed me and did a short article about the event, as well as a follow up interview and article; and Jeff and Tom helped me transport the bikes using their vehicles.

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 7.19.01 AM
Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 5.25.44 PM

While at the Rotary Auction volunteering one evening I received a phone call. I was told that there was a dumpster full of bikes and I was welcome to them but I needed to get them out of there by noon the next day. I went over and took a look and they were, for the most part, keepers. I started unloading and got them stacked along the fence. The next morning, Jeff Groman met me at 7:15am to pick them all up and transport them back to my house. There were no bikes left after the auction Saturday afternoon, so I feel very fortunate that I was able to get those out of the dumpster. I was also able to get lots of knapsacks, crutches, and walkers from the Auction. The people of South Africa will be very appreciative of this. Thank you Rotary of Bainbridge!

I’ve collected about 70 bikes in the last two weeks!