Ignite Bainbridge a Huge Success!

                                        See my Ignite Bainbridge presentation!

Ignite Bainbridge, held on Wednesday, May 16th at the Pavilion and was a rousing success. It was a success for the event itself and also for BforH. A couple dozen people came up to me after my presentation eager to hear more about this cause, wanting to donate a bike, or giving kudos for a good presentation. Thank you to all who attended. Further, “Inside Bainbridge”, which has been covering this event, had an article about the presentations. That article can be found here. This is a quote from the article about my presentation: Tom Leurquin’s impassioned plea that we all clean out our garages so we can give his organization, Bicycles for Humanity, the unused bicycles and bicycle parts we find there for a startup in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, convinced me. In just five minutes, he made the case that my Saturday afternoon’s work could help provide people with a steady paycheck, spawn the creation of new small businesses, keep kids in school, and save a baby’s life.”