Bicycle Drive on June 16th a Grand Success!

Here I am at the bicycle drive.

First, a big thank you to Bethany Lutheran Church for providing use of their parking lot for the bicycle drive. Without them this wouldn’t have been nearly as successful. 

There was a steady stream of cars and SUVs bringing in bikes. I barely had enough downtime to grab a sandwich. A total of 41 bikes were donated, which works out to one bike every 8 or 9 minutes. When you factor in the break down time (that is, removing the pedals, turning the handle bars, and lowering the seat for shipping preparation) there was really no rest time. A lot of people expressed their gratitude to me for doing this project. They thought it was as cool as it gets. Many were quite interested in the display and wanted to know the story about how we find bikes, how we get them to Africa, and what happens when they get there. Thank you everyone for your donations.

Jeff Groman, former owner of Classic Cycle and a noted bicycle historian, helped Jesse and myself load the bikes onto the Bay Hay and Feed truck so we could haul them back to my garage. Special thanks to Bay Hay for the use of the truck. Bay Hay will reportedly be posting photos on their website of this event. 

This event pushed the bicycle count over 500. That’s a big deal. We are now at 520 bikes. But there’s more. There are about 30 more to pick up. Since we are now getting 530 bicycles in a container. THERE HAVE NOW BEEN ENOUGH BICYCLES COLLECTED IN KITSAP COUNTY AND THE OLYMPIC PENINSULA TO FILL A CONTAINER!!! THANK YOU!