A 51 Bike Salute! We Hit the Jackpot

On June 6th I received an email from Beth at North Kitsap Metal Recycling. She said she was talking to Tom Clune at BI Cycle, who gave her my contact information. Beth said that she had over 50 bikes and that she was “looking for an organization that collects bikes for charities...specifically to send to Africa to assist in their transportation.” How’s that for a perfect fit? BforH definitely hit the jackpot with this. Thank you so much Beth and Tom!

Don and I picked up about half the bikes from the North Kitsap Metal Recycling space last Thursday morning and then the remainder of them from Poulsbo yesterday. Everything went smoothly and the bikes have already had the pedals removed, handlebars turned, and seats lowered. My garage is quite full as you can see from the photo! Thank you all.