This past week has been very busy for BforH. On June 20th there was the bicycle collection drive at Bay, Hay, & Feed that was overwhelmingly successful. There were 51 bikes collected at that drive! That was the most of any drive BforH has had. A big “thank you” to everyone that made a donation, Bay Hay for sponsoring the drive, to T&C for posting it on their reader board, the merchants that allowed a flier to be posted, and to the newspapers for putting it in the calendar sections of the papers.

Then today, June 27th, was the annual crazy island event: the Roatarty Auction. I got about 20 bicycles, numerous helmets, bike saddles, numerous wheels and tires, as well as spare parts after the auction was over. Many thanks to the Rotary for allowing charities to come in and harvest what didn’t sell. 

For the week, 71 bikes were collected. That is certainly a very successful week. 



Give Your Old Bike a New Life!

Bicycle Drive on Saturday, June 20th, 10:00am to 4:00pm at Bay, Hay, and Feed

Drop off your unwanted bicycle and spare parts at Bay, Hay, and Feed, 10355 NE Valley Road,  and I will ship them to South Africa. Bicycles for Humanity is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to providing greater access to healthcare, education, and economic opportunities. For more information, visit

Donate a bike, change a life

One Call For All

OneCallForAll logo

THANK YOU! I’d like to extend a very hearty thank you to all who contributed to Bicycles for Humanity through the annual charity drive through One Call For All. I am very pleased with the donations that all of you made, whether just a few dollars or hundreds. In total, the donations were over $2,000! This is about the price of a shipping container, so thank you all for your generosity and helping the people of South Africa.

For those of you that want to donate you can go to and click on Bicycles for Humanity,   charity 196. Your entire donation will be forwarded on to us, less a small percentage if you use a credit card.

Bike Drive, Farmers Market, and One Call for All

It’s that time of year again. The flowers are blooming and spring has been in the air. That, of course, means that BforH will be having their annual bicycle drive. This year, as in the past, it will be held at the Bethany Lutheran Church on Bainbridge Island. Bethany is located at the corner of High School Road and Finch Road. More specifically at 7958 Finch Road NE. This annual event will take place on Saturday, June 21st, from 10:00am until 4:00pm. So, get that garage cleaned out and bring me all of your unwanted bicycles and bicycle parts. Most any bicycle will be accepted as long as the frame is solid and it is large enough for a person of school age or older to ride.

As a prelude to this I will also be having a display at the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market on Saturday, May 31st, June 7th, and June 14th. Don’t forget to stop by and say “Hi”. I’ll be happy to chat with you about the project and all that we have accomplished. 

In another big news item. BforH has just received notification that we will be in the charitable organizations that you can contribute to in this year's One Call For All annual fundraiser. When the red envelope gets to your mailbox this fall, please consider donating to our cause.

B4HS Fundraiser a Rousing Success

This years annual fundraising breakfast was held at the Renaissance Seattle Hotel on May 21st. While the final numbers are not yet in, we raised about $40,000. Marvelous. Thanks to everyone that contributed to the effort.

Once again I was given the opportunity to present the keynote presentation. The above video was the main portion of my presentation that I created for the event. This video was presented after a short speech that I gave. 

It's Been a Busy Couple Weeks

BforH on tnc marquee

Things have certainly been very busy the last few weeks. I spent three Saturday’s at the Bainbridge Farmers Market with a BforH display, had a bike drive, and volunteered in that annual event on the island called the Rotary Auction. 

The Farmers Market is always a fun event. Quite a few people expressed a sincere interest in the project. One lady even brought me two really nice bikes while I was at the Market! Several others phoned me and asked me to pick up a bike, or two, or in one case four bikes that they had. The Market made for a nice transition to my bike drive.

The bike drive was held at the usual place, Bethany Lutheran Church. I am very grateful that they let me use their facilities. I received 30 bikes at the church and another 10 as a direct result of the bike drive, from people who couldn’t make it. While it was slow at times, it was also very fast paced at other times. A special thanks to Town & Country, the Bainbridge Review, Jeff Groman, Tom Weed, and, of course, Bethany Lutheran Church. Town & Country posted the event on the store marquee; The Review interviewed me and did a short article about the event, as well as a follow up interview and article; and Jeff and Tom helped me transport the bikes using their vehicles.

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 7.19.01 AM
Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 5.25.44 PM

While at the Rotary Auction volunteering one evening I received a phone call. I was told that there was a dumpster full of bikes and I was welcome to them but I needed to get them out of there by noon the next day. I went over and took a look and they were, for the most part, keepers. I started unloading and got them stacked along the fence. The next morning, Jeff Groman met me at 7:15am to pick them all up and transport them back to my house. There were no bikes left after the auction Saturday afternoon, so I feel very fortunate that I was able to get those out of the dumpster. I was also able to get lots of knapsacks, crutches, and walkers from the Auction. The people of South Africa will be very appreciative of this. Thank you Rotary of Bainbridge!

I’ve collected about 70 bikes in the last two weeks!

The 2013 Season Begins

North Kitsap Metal Recycling

The first load of bikes for the 2013 season!

We're off and running for the season with a load of 36 bikes from North Kitsap Metal Recycling. After a long winter, which are normally very slow for collecting bikes, we are now on our way. NKMR has been an amazing gold mine for bikes: I have now received a total of 375 bicycles from them! That's over 1/2 of all the bikes I've collected. A special thanks to NKMR for their continued and aggressive support. Also, a thanks to Bay Hay and Feed for the use of their truck and to Jeff Groman for his continued help.

Bicycle Drive on June 16th a Grand Success!

Here I am at the bicycle drive.

First, a big thank you to Bethany Lutheran Church for providing use of their parking lot for the bicycle drive. Without them this wouldn’t have been nearly as successful. 

There was a steady stream of cars and SUVs bringing in bikes. I barely had enough downtime to grab a sandwich. A total of 41 bikes were donated, which works out to one bike every 8 or 9 minutes. When you factor in the break down time (that is, removing the pedals, turning the handle bars, and lowering the seat for shipping preparation) there was really no rest time. A lot of people expressed their gratitude to me for doing this project. They thought it was as cool as it gets. Many were quite interested in the display and wanted to know the story about how we find bikes, how we get them to Africa, and what happens when they get there. Thank you everyone for your donations.

Jeff Groman, former owner of Classic Cycle and a noted bicycle historian, helped Jesse and myself load the bikes onto the Bay Hay and Feed truck so we could haul them back to my garage. Special thanks to Bay Hay for the use of the truck. Bay Hay will reportedly be posting photos on their website of this event. 

This event pushed the bicycle count over 500. That’s a big deal. We are now at 520 bikes. But there’s more. There are about 30 more to pick up. Since we are now getting 530 bicycles in a container. THERE HAVE NOW BEEN ENOUGH BICYCLES COLLECTED IN KITSAP COUNTY AND THE OLYMPIC PENINSULA TO FILL A CONTAINER!!! THANK YOU!

Ignite Bainbridge a Huge Success!

                                        See my Ignite Bainbridge presentation!

Ignite Bainbridge, held on Wednesday, May 16th at the Pavilion and was a rousing success. It was a success for the event itself and also for BforH. A couple dozen people came up to me after my presentation eager to hear more about this cause, wanting to donate a bike, or giving kudos for a good presentation. Thank you to all who attended. Further, “Inside Bainbridge”, which has been covering this event, had an article about the presentations. That article can be found here. This is a quote from the article about my presentation: Tom Leurquin’s impassioned plea that we all clean out our garages so we can give his organization, Bicycles for Humanity, the unused bicycles and bicycle parts we find there for a startup in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, convinced me. In just five minutes, he made the case that my Saturday afternoon’s work could help provide people with a steady paycheck, spawn the creation of new small businesses, keep kids in school, and save a baby’s life.”

Ignite Bainbridge, Farmers Market, Senior Project, and Bike Drive

Ignite Bainbridge: This should be a fun event. Tonight, May 16th, at 7:00 in the Pavilion movie theater there will be 14 speakers presenting their passions to the world. Each presentation will be exactly 5 minutes long. This is accomplished by the presenter submitting 20 slides and each slide will be displayed for exactly 15 seconds. I will be talking about Bicycles for Humanity. The cost is $5.

Farmers Market: I will be having a table at the Bainbridge Farmers Market on June 2nd and June 9th to provide the community with information about Bicycles for Humanity. Stop by and say “Hi!”. I’d love to talk to you.

Senior Project: High school seniors are required to do at least 20 hours of community service. I am lucky enough to have Jesse, from Eagle Harbor High School, helping me with the bikes. Thanks a lot, Jesse!

Bike Drive: I will be having a bicycle drive on Saturday, June 16th at Bethany Lutheran Church, located at the corner of Finch and High School Road. The hours of the bike drive are from 10:00 to 4:00. Jesse will be there helping me, so stop on by, bring a bike and spare parts, and say “hi” to us.

ARAMARK Pick-up, a Work Party, and Perpetual Cycle Final Tally

On Saturday, March 3, 2012, ARAMARK came by the house again and picked up about 46 bikes to take to the warehouse in Seattle. They are on their way to packing the 4th container! A packing party will be held on Saturday, March 10th to get things loaded up. The work party will be at at 3901 First Ave South next door to Schooner Exact Brewery.  If you have an hour or two to pitch in we certainly could use your help. 

Tim Todd at Perpetual Cycle in Kingston was kind enough to donate a big pile of bikes to us. Tim was repairing unwanted bikes and distributing them locally but has discontinued doing so and is selling his bicycle business as well. (Want a new business venture?) Don and I have made several trips over there to pick-up bikes and to scavenge bike parts. In total, there have been 107 bikes picked up. Also, over 100 wheels and tires, lots of pedals and seats, and miscellaneous other parts. Many thanks to Tim!

Rotary Presentation & Bike Pick-up

On Monday, January 30, 2012, I was fortunate in that I was able to give a presentation to the Bremerton Rotary. Since Pat Montani, the founder of B4H, was a Rotarian and since the Rotary in Seattle and Redmond and as well as in Africa have paid a crucial role in our success, it was a very fitting presentation. It was great to be able to show the Bremerton Rotarians what great work they are doing in Africa and to be able to put my networking hat on to show them in quite a bit of detail what is going on with Bicycles for Humanity in Kitsap County and the Olympic Peninsula.

The presentation seemed to go well, as quite a few people came up after the presentation to tell me how interesting it was and that I did a great job in explaining why we are shipping bikes to Africa and the process that we are going through to collect bikes and ship them to Africa.

Thank you Bremerton Rotarians for giving me this fantastic opportunity.

Perpetual Cycle Bonanza!

Don and I went to Perpetual Cycle in Kingston on 12-20-2011 and picked-up 45 bikes. Due to time constraints we couldn’t pick all of them up that were there, but we will do that early next week. We also got lots of wheels which will be very useful to the new bike shop in KwaZulu-Natal. Thanks a lot, Tim!

I will be giving a presentation to the Bremerton Rotary on January 30th describing the great work that is going on with Bicycles for Humanity, with an emphasis on Kitsap County and the Olympic Peninsula. The presentation is open to Rotary members and guests of Rotary members.

UPDATE: Don and I picked-up another 23 bikes from Perpetual Cycle today, 12-27-2011! We’ll be going back for more in a few weeks. Thanks again, Tim!

October 15th Packing Party

Some of the 529 bikes that went into the container.

I went to the packing party. It was a real education and a great experience. I hadn’t seen this end of the operation before so it was a pleasure to see how this was done. Frank has this down to a science: his method of packing the box minimizes wasted space, thereby maximizing the number of lives that are made better in Africa. 

The event was well attended. Numerous volunteers from Bike Works were there helping prepare the bikes for packing, moving them out to the container, and then packing them in the container. It was an all day event, with almost 1/2 a container getting packed. There’s just a small amount of packing left before the container will be ready to head to Africa.

UPDATE: The container is now (as of 10-30-2011) completely packed and ready to be shipped! Here’s an email I received from Frank, the head of B4H-Seattle: 

Thank you for your help on Sunday.  We finished the day closing the container with 529 bikes (Susan’s tally) 15 cartons of tools and spare parts and an assortment of old helmets, seats, etc.  We are shipping next week.  We will have shipped 1508 bikes in 17 months.  We’ll take a break, then shoot to ship another container in Feb/March.  Thanks again. Susan and Frank.

The above photo shows a couple hundred bikes anxiously awaiting the long trip to Africa so they can dramatically change someone’s life. Below are volunteers prepping the bikes for packing in the container, the bikes in the container, a group of volunteers following Frank to the container, and sign of why we are doing this. The final photo is the container just before the doors were shipped. 

Packing Party in Seattle, October 15th

Help pack these into the container!

On Saturday, October 15th from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm, there will be a container packing event at the Seattle warehouse located at 3901 - 1st Ave South, Seattle. You will see signs to Vespa of Seattle across the parking lot. We will be in the southwest corner of the parking lot, next door to the Schooner Exact Brewery. Call Frank at 206-412-3711 if you have any questions or need additional directions. Stop by and help...the more the merrier! 

There have now been 270 bikes collected in Kitsap County and the Olympic Peninsula. That’s more than a half a container in our first 6 months. Thanks so much to all who have contributed.

ARAMARK Picks Up 105 Bikes Plus WSCC Presentation

My garage this morning. There are 85 bikes here with room for a dozen more.

Today ARAMARK came by the house and picked up a big load of bikes--105 to take back to the warehouse in Seattle. A special “Thank you” to Beth at North Kitsap Metal Recycling for contributing 80 of these. The Olympic Peninsula Division of Bicycles for Humanity-Seattle has now collected 248 bikes! That’s essentially one-half a container. Thank you to everyone that has contributed.

Also, on Wednesday, September 7th I will be giving a presentation at the West Sound Cycling Club monthly meeting concerning Bicycles for Humanity. The club holds their meetings at the Silverdale Beach Hotel located at 3073 NW Bucklin Hill Road at 7:00 pm. Feel free to attend.

Bike Drive and a New Drop-off Location




The bike drive on Bainbridge Island, the first ever for the Olympic Peninsula Division, was a success. A flood of bikes in the last hour, that doubled the total number from the first four hours, made for surprising, hectic, and appreciative end to the drive. Thank all of you generous Bainbridge Islanders for you contributions of bikes, bike parts, helmets, lights and other gear. A special thanks goes out to Bethany Lutheran Church for their generous donation of the use of their grounds so we could have the bike drive. Also to the Bainbridge Islander newspaper who provided our community ad in the paper for four weeks--almost all of the people that donated said they heard about the bike drive because of the ad. 

BforH has now collected 117 bikes! While our official kick-off was in March, the collections did not actually start until mid-May. So, we’ve essentially collected 117 bikes in about 5 weeks! That’s fabulous. 


We have a new drop-off location in Kingston! A heartfelt thank you goes out to Beth Kommer of North Kitsap Metal Recycling. Located at 7810 NE Ecology Rd., which is just north of the casino, Beth has been instrumental in the OP’s success so far--she’s provided us with 74 of our bikes so far! Wow! 

The OP’s First Bike Drive

Bicycles for Humanity is now on the Olympic Peninsula and will be holding their first ever bicycle drive on Bainbridge Island. So, bring your bicycles and spare bicycle parts to the Bethany Lutheran Church at the corner of Finch and High School Road. The drive will be held on Saturday, June 25th, from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm. 

A 51 Bike Salute! We Hit the Jackpot

On June 6th I received an email from Beth at North Kitsap Metal Recycling. She said she was talking to Tom Clune at BI Cycle, who gave her my contact information. Beth said that she had over 50 bikes and that she was “looking for an organization that collects bikes for charities...specifically to send to Africa to assist in their transportation.” How’s that for a perfect fit? BforH definitely hit the jackpot with this. Thank you so much Beth and Tom!

Don and I picked up about half the bikes from the North Kitsap Metal Recycling space last Thursday morning and then the remainder of them from Poulsbo yesterday. Everything went smoothly and the bikes have already had the pedals removed, handlebars turned, and seats lowered. My garage is quite full as you can see from the photo! Thank you all.

Olympic Peninsula’s First Bike

Finally I am getting around to taking the photo of and posting the photo of the Olympic Peninsula’s first donated bicycle to the Seattle Chapter. While it may be small in stature, it is a giant in its symbolism. The first one is the hardest, they say, although this one about fell in my lap, thanks to the kindness of David and CJ. Thanks so much for providing the “kick-off” bike to the great cause of Bicycles for Humanity on the Olympic Peninsula. A pre-donation lunch at the Town and Country market was followed by a brief ‘ceremony’ and hand-off of the bike that will certainly make a child bright eyed and happy.

Port Townsend Connection & Other News

Yesterday I traveled northwest to drop off brochures and visit with our generous companions that are acting as drop-off locations. The Kingston Chamber of Commerce, Genetic Link in Pt. Hadlock, and the Broken Spoke in Pt. Townsend will act as official drop-off locations and I was fortunate enough to meet them, some for the first time. I also dropped off brochures at the Olympic Outdoor Center and PT Cyclery both of whom are supporting us that way. 

Then I headed to “uptown” Port Townsend to pay a visit to The ReCyclery, with the intent of trying to see if they would be willing to trade a mountain bike for a road bike, since B for H is mainly interested in mountain bikes. What a pleasant surprise I had. Chauncey, the owner, and I had a great conversation about helping others through bicycles. Or, as the Recyclery’s motto states “Positive social change through bicycles”. Chauncey offered to contact Pete at the Broken Spoke and set up a system whereby he would pick up bikes from Pete and then store them in a place he has. Plus he will trade ‘mountains for roads’ plus give us bikes he doesn’t have a use for. Wow! Was I pleasantly surprised. Thanks a million, Chauncey!

Today Don and myself did a pick-up from the Bainbridge Police Department of ten bikes. Don’s trailer was utilized, which made the job pretty easy since only one trip had to be made. 

I still need to get to Poulsbo to make a pick-up of 3 bikes--these were the first three donations. I will post a photo of #1 soon. After all, the first one is the hardest.

Kick-off Day: March 14, 2011

Today is a big day for Bicycle for Humanity-Seattle on the Olympic Peninsula. It is officially the first day of accepting donations at any of the ten locations on the OP. There will be more drop-off locations added as time goes on, but this is a great start. We thank all of the organizations that have generously donated their space to be used as a drop-off location. 

As always we are in need of a volunteer or two to go pick-up bikes from the drop-off locations, help with bike drives, or make contacts. The OP is also in need of a storage location for the bikes until there are enough to fill a shipping container, which is about 500 bikes. If any of you know someone that has some storage space that could be used it would be most appreciated. Examples of spaces that could be used would be part of a garage, a barn, a vacant business or warehouse, or any other space that is enclosed. 

Stay tuned to this part of the website for news and updates. And don’t forget to spread the word!